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List of Components

Name Added Description
AND Gate Logic gate
Capacitor Capacitor with label
Counter 4-bit binary counter
Diode LED without arrows
External Connection Label the input or output of a circuit
Lamp Standard lamp
LED Diode with LED arrows
Meter Ammeter and voltmeter
Microcontroller Customizable inputs, outputs and adc
MOSFET Type of transistor
NAND Gate Logic gate
NOR Gate Logic gate
NOT Gate Logic gate
Op-Amp Operational amplifier
OR Gate Logic gate
Potentiometer Type of resistor
Rail Supply rail with custom voltage
Resistor Resistor with label
Schmitt Trigger NOT Gate Logic gate
Seg Decoder 7-segment decoder
Seg Display 7-segment display
Supply 2-terminal cell
Switch Push switch
Thermistor Resistor with resistance varying with temperature
Variable Resistor Type of resistor
Wire Join components together
XOR Gate Logic gate

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