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  2. Installation
  3. Designing a Circuit
    1. Editing Components
    2. Moving Components
    3. Resizing Components
    4. Deleting Components
  4. Exporting and Saving
  5. List of Supported Components


  • ClickOnce Installer (recommended): installs Circuit Diagram on your computer and alerts you to install updates when they become available.
  • Binary: does not require installation; you will not be notified when updates become available
  • Source: download the complete source code


  1. Download the latest ClickOnce Installer
  2. Once downloaded, open the downloaded file.
  3. Click "Install".
  4. Circuit Diagram will now install.

Designing a Circuit

A quick description on how to use:
  1. Click on a component in the tool bar
  2. Click and drag in the document area to place the component (complete list)
  3. If the component can be edited e.g. resistance or logic gate type, right click on it and choose "Properties"
  4. To move a component that is already placed, click "Move" in the tool bar
  5. Once all components have been placed, click "File" then "Save As" to save the document so that it can be opened and edited again
  6. To export as an image, click "File" then "Export" and choose either PNG or SVG

Editing Components

Some components have properties which you can set. These can be accessed by right-clicking on a component and then choosing “Properties”.

For example, this allows you to change the resistance of resistors and change logic gate types.

Moving Components

To move a component, click on “Move” in the tool bar and click and drag the desired component to its new location.

Resizing Components

To resize a component, click on “Move” in the tool bar and move the cursor over the component you wish to move. If it can be resized, you will see two squares at opposite sides of its border. Click and drag these squares to resize that component.

Deleting Components

To delete a component, right click on the component and choose “Delete” in the menu that appears. It does not matter which tool is currently active i.e. this works whether you are in “move” mode, or whether you are placing a component.

Exporting and Saving

Circuit Diagram allows you to save your circuit in several different formats. Only certain formats allow you to open and edit your circuit again.
  • XML files (File->Save As) allow your circuit to be opened and edited again in Circuit Diagram
  • PNG files (File->Export) renders your circuit as an image for embedding in other documents
  • SVG files (File->Export) saves your circuit as a vector image for high quality printing

List of Supported Components

View complete list

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